Today's music industry is an exciting place for musicians. Old barriers have vanished thanks to new technology, and the playing field that was once one-sided is now more level than ever before. Of course, while change solves problems, it can also create new ones, and that certainly holds true for today's music industry.

The Booyah Music Group was established in 2010 with the view of developing and nurturing artists. It’s no secret that musicians and artists today are choosing an independent approach to the music industry. However, taking on such a task involves wearing an awful lot of hats. Our aim is to provide artists with high-quality creative, mentoring and promotional services. This includes songwriting, music production, marketing, performance analysis and project management. We encourage artists to learn as much of the creative process as possible in order to empower them in their decisions around their own music.

Working in music is more than just a nine to five job, it requires a lot of commitment, often for not a lot of compensation or recognition. It doesn't help that there is so much misinformation out there about how to get into the music industry and what to do once you're there. Please go over our following services and let us know if you have any questions.

At The Booyah Music Group we’re all about creating exciting new music. Working alongside our team of writers and producers we can help you turn your lyrics and melody into a single complete with full production. Writing and production sessions with our team allow singer-songwriters an opportunity to develop their skills whilst bringing other influences into their tracks.

For singers who are not as confident at writing, our production team is able to write and produce bespoke tracks that fit your genre and fanbase. You provide a full brief and we’ll work to deliver a track ready for you to come into the studio and record your vocals on. For international artists we are able to work in a similar way, you can record your vocals in a local studio and send the stems to our team for editing and placing into your final track.


Our mentoring service takes all the hassle out of signing with a manager by providing ad-hoc support when needed to help you move forward in the music industry. Unlike a management contract, our mentoring service ensures that you keep 100% of all revenue earned (gigging, single sales, merchandise) whilst still benefiting from the years of industry experience, extensive contacts and creative vision of our mentoring team.

90 minute mentoring sessions can be booked as and when required, with no long term commitment meaning that an artist can sign with a management company or record label without any current ties. This unique approach provides artists with the opportunity to progress their career at a speed which is appropriate to their situation.
Usually 90 minute sessions includes:


  • Discussion of short term (1-6 months), mid term (6-12 months) and long term (12 months+) goals as artist
  • Analysis of your social media stats, streaming figures, fan reach etc
  • Identifying areas that require further development
  • Plan of action created with next steps to take
  • Advice articles or resource links emailed following the session



Music mastering is usually the term used when referring to preparing your audio mix for commercial release. This is typically the final step in the studio after completing your final mixdown. It’s all about adding the final touches so having a good mix to begin with is vital here. Music mastering takes your good-sounding mix and then transforms it into a professionally finished master.

The first goal of this process is to correct any existing balance problems within the mix and enhance any specific characteristics desired for your signature sound. This includes adding EQ, compression and any limiting needed.

The second thing to consider with mastering is achieving consistency across all tracks. This is so that your whole release has a uniform sound and the same volume level between all tracks. This isn’t just about applying the same presets to all tracks but requires understanding the differences and adjusting the nuances within each individual track. The end result is a consistent and finished product. Please note for regular mastering, the lowest requirements for tracks are 16bit and 44.1kHz.


Sophie Rainbow is a spirited performer and storyteller, the 21 year old singer/songwriter has been a part of the music scene since debuting her talents in mid 2015, and has been growing in her abilities and following ever since. In October 2018 she released her debut EP Millennial which reached Number 1 the Kix Country Charts. To hear more of her music go to:

Kashia, Salale and Koebi Faumui are a vocal group who've been singing and performing together nationally and internationally for almost 10 years. Predominately raised and influenced by gospel and acapella music all three have learnt to produce and record their original material culminating in 10 original & 5 cover albums. To hear more of their music go to:

Jemuel "MN Cappo" Chadwick arrived in Australia from France at the age of 10 and has established himself in the Hip-Hop scene as a sought after performer and producer. He has released 3 albums "Darkworld" "Level 1" & "Eat Sleep Make Beats"  Last year he released "Beat Tape Vol.1" & completed his qualifications as a Sound Engineering and continues to write & produce. 




The Wumpaz are a live jazz-fusion hip-hop outfit with a raw yet sophisticated energy. Infectious & unpredictable soul & hip-hop grooves that twist and turn chaotically are layered with juicy trumpet melodies and the MC’s brain scrambling flow and party starting hooks. Click on the link to hear their single ‘Weston

Creekside is a hip hop group consisting of 5 mc's from weston creek, Canberra, Raja Enz, Papuadij, KaZ, Micca and Aitsi. they came together little under a year ago and all knew each through friends all living and hanging out in the same area in Weston Creek. They released their self titled EP in 2018 & their latest single "Spitfire" last year.

Nick Dennis, Andrew Goodwin & Atha Valmas formed Salad Bomb in 2013 whilst still at School. Nick says they were pretty bad back then & are less bad today but he's being modest. Salad Bomb are an incredibly talented well hearsed high energy band who definately rock as evidenced by their latest release "New Wave Testament"







Tyson "Papuadij" Powell is a founding member of the Hip-Hop group Creekside. Having worked in the social sector for the past 6 years Papuadij is a strong advocate for his people & has a strong sense of social justice for Indigenous issues. He shared some of these thoughts in his last release "The Australian Dream"

Roland Brown, whose stage name is Dark Rose, wants to keep his cultural traditions alive. By learning the didgeribone, a combination of the didgeridoo and the trombone, Roland is bringing traditional Aboriginal music to new audiences through his own unique style. Here's a traditional welcome at TEDX: Dark Rose TEDxCanberra

Miracle "Partyateleven" Kamara has been singing & playing music for as long as he can remember. His early memories of his music learnings stem from Chiurch & Gospel music. An energetic vibrant performer with a strong work ethic, his latest releases of "Harmony" & "Child of God" is a testament to this. 




Koebi began performing professionally with his older brother & sister (The Faumuis)10 years ago at the age of 8. This year he released his debut single "I Feel Like Shit" whilst still performing with his siblings. He also produces professionally, to hear some of his work go to:

Will is a singer/songwriter from Wagga Wagga, and now lives in Canberra. He has a very unique rhythym & timing to his music and matched with his distinctive vocals you'll no forget his sound in a hurry. Will is working hard to make a career in music & conributed one of his originals "Loving Home" to the Booyah Project.

TJ Tate is a hip-hop artist from Boston, who found himself in the Nations Capital. An energetic performer & lyricist TJ enjoys collaborating & learning from other artists. He's currently studying and hopes to return to the US to share his learnings from Australia.  He contributed one of originals "Run" to the Booyah Project. 




Old school meets alternative hip-hop with Australian underground hip hop duo grimace embassy. Grizzly, a shambling youth delivering jagged poetry in his signature growl, & Gunsmith who drops classic boom bap beats, all the while spitting irreverent lyrics that either make you think, have a listen to their album "Grimace Embassy"

OC is an acronym for rapper, singer & songwriter Owen Chidi. Having an early musical influence from several genres, he soon found his voice in hip hop and has been nurturing his own sound ever since. His on-stage energy & presence make him an unforgettable act, to hear his music go to Spotify & his latest track "Get Up Freestyle"

Bowden Sykes has just returned from an 18 month tour around Australia. The people he met and the places he's seen has given him a different perspective on his music. He busked and performed everywhere & anywhere he was asked. He's currently working on his debut album based on his trip.




Maia's voice defies her young age of 15, the soulfulness & maturity of her vocals sound they should belong to a more experienced artist. Maia performs at Cultural events in her native Maori language & wants to make a living from her music. This is her debut single, "Stay"

Amelia (16) is a singer songwriter who loved to sing from a young age. She attended the Elevate Academy where she developed her writing and performance skills under the tutelage of The Faumuis. She expresses her abilities well  in her latest songs, "Reflections" and "1.28am"

Anastacia and Natalia are twins who enjoy music & are working hard to make a career in the industry. They developed their performance & singing skils at the Elevate Academy & are performing regularly around venues in Canberra. Keep an ear out for future releases.


MMyronizinfektious is a rapper/producer who mostly creates his own beats within the genre of Hip Hop and Electronica. Having been immersed in the Canberra Music scene for the past 10 years, Myron has improved his chances of success by completing his studies in film and sound production at UC. Here's one of his tracks  "Cloud 9"



Canberra born and raised, 21 year-old Ikenna Enyi is an emerging Hip-Hop talent in the musical scene. His sound is known to display eloquent lyricism delivered with an authentically entertaining tone that commands attention, coupled with a vast array of experimental production that often provides an alien soundscape for him to be truly inventive with. Here's one of his tracks, "I owe you"

Ariana is an indie/folk/pop singer songwriter from Canberra, Australia. She started piano at a young age & when she was 14 she picked up guitar as well. She has been singing for as long as she can remember & gives credit to her mum for this as she was always singing. Ariana not only has a big passion for music but for social justice as well. Here's one of her songs "Grey lines"




Hailing from the nations capital, Shaka J was born with a thirst for creativity and a way with words. At age 17, he and collaborator, KG, formed the Kash Boys and burst onto the Australian hip-hop scene to rave reviews. Through his work in the Kash Boys, Shaka J has opened for internationally renowned hip-hop/R&B acts. He is passionate about lyrical content and technical dexterity. At the core remains an appetite for delivering a powerful message to the listener. You can hear his music on spotify

With his signature smooth delivery and a mix of raw vulnerability & technical rhyme schemes, Indighost is a true MC. Proudly hailing from the Nation's Capital, Indighost has opened for international artists such as Oddisee, Black Milk, Blu & Apollo Brown. 2019 saw Indighost release his debut album ILLUMINATION. A long awaited 11 track project illustrating growth, death, love & life over a tough 3 year period for the artist. To listen to his album go to: Bandcamp

Layal Mia is a singer-songwriter who plays piano & guitar. She’s honed her music skills through busking & gigging around Australia an the world over the past 6 years. At 21 she has gained a wealth of experience having worked with local, national & international artists including Russell Morris, Neil Murray, Beth Patterson, Thirsty Merc, Robert Conley & Wendy Matthews. She possesses a beautiful ethereal voice with plenty of strength that leaves you entranced and wanting more!