The Booyah Project began in 2009 as a dedication to the memory of Garry’s younger brother Phillip who chose to end his life five years earlier. Phillip was a gifted artist & sportsman and would often say “Booyah” during and after games, the name describes an expression of joy or triumph.

The purpose of the Booyah Project is to provide an environment that allows young people and adults to share their stories so that they too can feel good afterwards. The Project utilises the arts of music production, songwriting and performance as ways in which they can express themselves.

Over the past seven years we’ve supported young people and adults to write, produce, record and perform their own stories in a space that is safe, therapeutic and non judgemental. The Booyah Project is funded through fees from our professional and corporate work, however we are open to sponsorships that may be offered. See below for a sample of some of the music written and recorded by our young people, you download the albums at: