The Booyah Project utilizes the use of music to unify organisational culture by utilizing scientific principles of music to strengthen social bonds and heightened emotional connection. Our broad offering of musical experiences encompasses team building, corporate entertainment and brand activation. We proudly work with companies and services of all shapes and sizes. Our musicians and facilitators are well-versed in corporate culture and team engagement.

The Booyah Project aims to connect people through music. Through the universal language of music, we provide a creative environment for people to be engaged, inspired and connected. From our own team members to the community, our culture is built on working together, we possess a high-level of personal and professional integrity in all we do.


A team building organisation built around music is certainly a niche. When we started this venture, music team building wasn’t even a thing. But now interactive musical programs are definitely a thing and we’re proud to be one of the creators of our niche market. That’s because what we do really works.

Music brings people together. It helps boost engagement and inspires innovative thinking. It’s a bit cliche to say that music is the universal language, but like all good cliches it’s true. Music quickly builds bridges. For example, two people from opposite sides of the globe may begin to talk and discover they share the same favorite band or song. A shared musical memory like that opens lines of communication and builds trust.

Whatever your goals or themes are, writing songs about them will enable everyone to connect with what’s important in a way that’s lasting and easily relatable. You may have trouble memorizing your mission statement or corporate values but we know you can sing the lyrics to many of your favorite songs! This is because a song lyric communicates a story in an emotional way, making deep connections that stay with us. Now imagine the power of communicating your corporate story, your shared experience or your goals through song.

For everyone on your team, you’ll create deeper and more authentic resonance with your work life, much the way we all resonate with favorite songs from our entire life. The truth is, we help organizations tell their stories through song in many different settings that include interactive conference sessions, motivational keynotes, convention kick-offs, making music videos and yes, multi-team events with song competitions.

We live to unite services and companies around their purpose using the science of music. With experts in organisational culture and brand development, expert musicians and performers, and a genuine belief that life is better with music, we bring people through collaborative musical experiences.

WHY: We begin every engagement with an understanding of your purpose, your core reason for being that brings your people together.
HOW: We design imaginative musical experiences that achieve your objectives and focus messaging around your purpose.
PRODUCTION: Our professional teams handle every step of production to ensure engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Successful organisations start with a healthy culture built on communication and alignment with shared values and beliefs. Our team building services immerse your teams in musical experiences designed to articulate your brand purpose, strengthen bonds, and create a deeper connection within your service.

Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication. With today’s businesses focused on building strong internal culture while competing for top-of-mind awareness, never has it been more important to find meaningful, engaging ways to express your brand purpose.

Our custom songs are written by professional songwriters who use your messaging to craft music and lyrics that distinctively represent your brand. Whether you use it as an anthem to unite your teams at meetings and events, or a soundtrack to engage customers through your marketing efforts, let your brand be heard with a custom song from us.

Anthems unify us by celebrating our history, traditions, and culture. Unify your company using music with an anthem written by your teams to express your purpose and values. Whether you are looking to open a conference with a memorable song that clarifies event goals or reflect on a shared experience by capturing the voice of your team, our world-class musicians and facilitators will guide you through the discovery of your message and creation of your unique anthem. As always, no musical experience is required.

Your Team Anthem begins with our musicians taking the stage and playing a popular song to get everyone in the spirit. Our proprietary songwriting method is then introduced, after which our MC seeks a volunteer musician from the crowd to help establish the chords and style of the anthem. With the melody in place and the crowd pumped, attendees are divided into groups to write lyrics for sections of the song, all with the help of our MC and musicians. Our musicians then take a short break to compile lyrics from the various groups and arrange the final anthem. Upon returning, the attendees take the stage to channel their inner rock stars, play percussion and sing along in unison to their newly created anthem!

GROUP SIZE: 2 - 500
DURATION: 3 - 4 hrs.
OBJECTIVE: Purpose Definition, Team Engagement and Cultural Development

Engage your teams with this exclusive professional recording experience. No musical background required. Your session begins in an industry-leading studio where many of today’s top artists have recorded. Our facilitators will guide you every step of the way beginning with identifying your purpose and messaging. Your teams will then engage in a collaborative songwriting process in the same way professional musicians do.

Finally, with the help of a top recording engineer and session players, your teams will record, mix, and produce an original song representing your company’s values and beliefs. Participation is always welcome no matter the experience level. Unite your teams with a memorable recording experience and a little studio magic.

GROUP SIZE: 1 - 30
DURATION: 6 - 8 hrs.
OBJECTIVE: Team Engagement, Cultural Development & Entertainment