The Booyah Group is a consultancy who has worked primarily in the health, education, music and social services sectors since 2009. We have an experienced team with tailored skills and experience which enables us to achieve our commitment to delivering highly effective, timely and outcome focused solutions. The Booyah Group comprises four sections, The Booyah Project (Community and Corporate), Booyah Music and Training & Development.
The Booyah Project (Corporate) utilizes the use of music to unify organisational culture by utilizing scientific principles of music to strengthen social bonds and heightened emotional connection. Our broad offering of musical experiences encompasses team building, corporate entertainment and brand activation. We proudly work with companies and services of all shapes and sizes. Our musicians and facilitators are well-versed in corporate culture and team engagement.

The purpose of The Booyah Project (Community) is to provide an environment that allows young people & adults to share their stories. The Project utilises aspects of performance, music production & songwriting as ways in which they can express themselves.


Over the past seven years we’ve supported young people and adults to write, produce, record and perform their own stories in a space that is safe, therapeutic and non judgemental. The Booyah Project is funded through fees from our professional & corporate work, however we are open to sponsorships that may be offered.

The Booyah Music Group was established in 2010 with the view of developing and nurturing artists. It’s no secret that musicians and artists today are choosing an independent approach to the music industry. However, taking on such a task involves wearing an awful lot of hats! With such large responsibility placed on the shoulders of an individual artist, it can be very difficult to not only understand all aspects of the music industry, but to also spend time developing every area of your chosen career. Our aim is to provide artists with high-quality creative, mentoring and promotional services. This includes songwriting, music production, marketing, performance analysis and project management.

Our Training & Development specialists have a strong track record of delivering high quality training and support to the health, education & social services sectors. Our training courses are designed to support best practice in the context of some challenging agendas facing the adult & children’s social services sectors. We understand that well trained & supported staff are key to the successful delivery of quality outcomes for both children and adults. Our packages are designed to be time effective and of high impact. We recognise the importance of training across the sectors; therefore many of our courses are designed for multi-agency participation.



Garry has worked in the human services field for over thirty years in a government and non government environment. He has strived to achieve success in engagement, community education, training and capacity development, and possesses a passion about building a society that values all people and supports their equitable participation in the full life of a community. Garry started The Booyah Group in 2009 with the purpose of using music, songwriting and performance as a way in which young people and adults share their stories. He’s grateful to be in this space and feels privileged to be part of the process which allows people to share and express their experiences.


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Koebi is an experienced musician who has been professional for the last 7 years in the areas of performance, writing, recording and education. He began producing music for other artists at 17 and quickly developed a reputation for being able to take musical ideas and concepts and materialise them into reality. Koebi oversees the Booyah Music label which develops and nurtures artists, his areas of expertise are session recording, songwriting and everything related with music production in general. As a multi-instrumentalist and usually produces, arranges and plays on all of the instruments on tracks. He enjoys all kinds of music, from old school to future-sounding electronics, and everything in between.





Gary has over 30-years working with the non government and corporate sector including owning a printing company which employed over 40 people for 15 years. He also played professional rugby and coached in New Zealand, Scotland and Italy. Absolutely committed to lifelong learning, Gary keeps his skills up to date by attending all the workshops and reading books. Purposeful and an advocate for those who serve others, he is passionate about values based leadership and is always on the look-out for those who lead with compassion and generosity. His roles predominantly focused on strategic direction setting, issues management, and marketing and communications.

Joe exhibited a passion for music from a young age, and with his parents encouragement and support, he began playing the piano at 5. This followed to playing piano regularly for church congregations soon after with members commenting on how he brought a “soulful and blues” feel to his interpretation of traditional church songs. A qualified piano teacher he also plays the drums, bass, guitar, conducts music producing and deejaying workshops to the youth sector as a way of sharing his knowledge and skill back into the community.




Born in Sydney in 1965 and educated in Canberra, Dale Huddleston is connected to the Ngardi language group of the Roper River Region in Eastern Arnhem Land. A gifted musician, Dale writes a blend of songs about Aboriginal culture and a connection to land, people and family. He plays the guitar & the didgeridoo & has released five albums & has supported the likes of Jessica Maubouy, Troy Cassar Daley, Casey Donovan, Archie Roach, Yothu Yindi, Jimmy Little, Blue King Brown, Russell Morris, Shane Howard & the Goanna Band. He’s also a talented artist, his artwork has featured on the shirts of Super Rugby Club, the Brumbies, at the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

Owen is a creative and talented videographer/photographer with a keen eye for detail, a knack for storytelling and a compassion for others that makes him a true pleasure to work with. After only 4 years working closely alongside 50 clients in a wide range of industries, he demonstrates a strong work ethic to achieve excellence in his work. Owen is smart, decisive, efficient and a master editor who’s able take an initial concept, to content creation to final edit.


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Wayne Kelly has been a professional musician for over 30 years and has played or recorded with notable musicians including Wynton Marsalis, James Morrison, Dale Barlow, Andrew Speight, Don Burrows, Roy Hargrove, Walter Blanding, Marcus Printup, Andrew Dickeson and Eric Alexander. Wayne plays as a solo jazz piano player as well as with his own trio and with larger ensembles. He has performed overseas for a number of years including residencies at the Venetian Resort in Macao; the Park Hyatt and the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai; and CJW in Beijing. Wayne has a Graduate Diploma in Jazz Studies from the Australian National University.

Kofe has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Developing his hearing for harmonies in church learning piano til grade eight he has utilized these skills to the area of music production, specializing in music composition, production and post production, sound design and audio editing. Outside of his work in music Kofe has completed his studies in law and currently works with the Dept of Immigration.


Raised in a musical family where the genres of classical, gospel, RnB and reggae were abundant, it was difficult for Salale not to follow the career path he had taken. He has progressed his musical abilities over the past ten years into writing songs for others and being an accomplished performer in his own right. Having completed his tertiary studies in Psychology and Art design, Salale oversees the therapeutic support and design components of the group, this includes music therapy, clothing and skateboard design.

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A skilled producer/songwriter/marketer who has worked with major artists and labels. He places a lot of attention into artist development, which is too often overlooked, when working with an artist he believes in focusing on finding the sound/emotion and defining the artist's identity. Aaron is a world class multi-instrumentalist and singer, and usually plays all the instruments on a track. I work in a wide range of genres and combine influences effortlessly. I'm a skilled vocal producer and guide singers to get the best performance.



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Kashia is the eldest member of the faumuis and was instrumental in teaching her younger siblings musical elements regarding piano, guitar, performance and production. She has continued to share her knowledge and experience in developing and nurturing other artists. As well as undertaking studies in Psychology, International relations business Kashia helps oversee the Booyah design aspect of the group and has her personal line of handmade sustainable jewellery and clothing “Everythingatai” which can be found on etsy.






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Our speakers and youth advocates focus on social issues and challenges in our communities and share from their personal and learned experiences. They engage, educate and empower their audiences and strive to improve and add quality to the lives of others, as well as assist in bringing about social change. Our collective aim is to bring awareness and provide education on important social issues, our categories of discussion include:

Domestic violence, Abuse & violence, Disabilities, Mental health, Sexual abuse, Out of home care sector, Resilience, Health and wellbeing, Dignity and respect, Suicide awreness and prevention, Drug and alcohol addiction, Cyber bullying, Child abuse, Grief and healing, Diversity and inclusion and Youth empowerment.

Our aim is to help you create the best possible event for your attendees by matching you with the best youth advocate or speaker. More recently, we have expanded to include corporate, motivational and leadership and we also offer training and workshops for many of these topics.



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The Booyah Group acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and meet and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. When artists stand up and speak up for the environment, we’re following the lead of Indigenous people who have cared for Country for tens of thousands of years. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and appreciate the pivotal role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within the Australian community. We acknowledge that this land, which we benefit from occupying, was stolen, and that sovereignty was never returned.